Two Mitered Squares down, shall it be 14 to go?

The second square of my Mitered Crosses Blanket is finished:

mitered crosses blanket squares


Each square doesn’t take very long, and I’ve gotten better at determining exactly how many ridges makes 9 on the borders (Yes, that would be easy for many knitters, but this is me we’re talking about!). Anyway, I’ve been informed by my trusted and loved knitting teacher that the slight size difference will be no problem. “It’s very forgiving,” she said. I’m not sure if she meant the yarn or the pattern or the world in general, but I’ll take it.

Casting on the next one as soon as I can.

I’m targeting 16 squares for a 4×4 blanket as I think that having only three across won’t be large enough. I’m not a big person, but I do like my toes to be warm and there are usually other creatures who want to share the space.

Like this one:


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