Do not adjust your winter clothing yet!

We live at 6,340 feet above sea level at the base of Pikes Peak and our winters last a really long time. Our summers are short, and the growing season even shorter.

That said, in February, March, and April we will get these oddly warm days that confuse the heck out of everyone. This week, we’ve had some of those days. Warm – in the 60s! and sunny – well, it’s nearly always sunny here. So we opened the windows and let the kitties breathe outside air.

A warm day in early March


We bought daffodils at the Safeway because ours are still quite dormant – deep under piles of old leaves and mulch. They aren’t fooled by this little break, no way, no how, but that’s what the local supermarket is for, right?

Daffodils in Colorado come from the store


And we watch herds of deer drain the pond and eat anything that they can still chew.

Deer in the backyard


I love it when their ears go straight out. It’s so cute … and see how that drinking platform is working!

Deer in the backyard


I do not love it when they do this:

I do not love this


Then again, it’s still technically winter and these guys haven’t migrated up the mountain yet and there’s nothing in that pot except the pine cones I use for decorative mulch in the winter. He can chew those things if they make him happy.

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