Bobcat versus Squirrel

Over the weekend, we had family stay with us and visit and we got to see some of the Saint Patrick’s day parade in Downtown.

Saint Patrick's Day Parade - Colorado Springs


As you can see, it was pretty packed so we didn’t see much unfortunately. The weather was delightful – amazingly warm and what a treat that is after the winter.

What was really a treat, however, was the critter action in our back yard later that afternoon. This guy:

Bobcat in the backyard!


Decided to try and catch a squirrel. The squirrel got away and spent the rest of the afternoon chattering about his 3-second ordeal while we ran around the house snapping photos of the bobcat.

Bobcat in the backyard!


Isn’t he/she gorgeous? Check out the markings and spots!

Bobcat in the backyard!

Now, I don’t know if this is the same bobcat that visited in the summer or not, but we had a terrific time looking at this guy up close and personal right out the window.

The squirrel – not so happy.

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