A Lenton Wrap-up

This is the last week of Lent, and this year I planned to workout every single day. I’ve done fairly well, and it’s even more clear to me than ever before that working out is not hard to figure into the day.

It’s not only not hard, there’s just no excuse for me not to do it … except about once a week.

We’re five weeks in and I’ve missed just one day per week. Each of those skip days was due to simple work overload or severe exhaustion and boy, was I exhausted – and hungry too.

After one 10-day stretch of working out every single day (cardio plus weights, or cardio plus yoga), I managed to wrench my back so badly that I had to apply that icy-hot stuff and over the counter pain killers. After hobbling around one day, I got back to gentler workouts – I took a little weight off the 45-degree leg press, for example, and was cautious in yoga – the pain was clear and I was fine.

I haven’t checked my weight to see if it helped, but things fit better and I’m going with that for now. That, and I can’t find the scale. It may have been packed already.


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