I ran away for Easter

I ran away for Easter. It wasn’t a sudden slap-dash thing, I’d had it in my plan for awhile, but after all the stress of the past few weeks, I can tell you I really needed a little break.

The Independent writers and I (a very small group) headed to Taos for some New Mexico sunshine, sage and mesquite in the air, massages, and fun. On the way, we took a pit-stop and noticed this sign on the wall.

grumpy sign


I loved it.

We saw flowering trees:

flowering trees in Taos

some up close and personal:

flowering trees in Taos

We saw the sunsets New Mexico is famous for:

new mexico sunset

We visited the wind sculpture place:

wind sculpture in taos, new mexico

I really like this one:

wind sculpture in taos, new mexico


I wanted to buy it, but I have to know where I’m going to live first. Moving sucks the joy out of buying something for the lawn, that’s for certain.

We had massages and all manner of lovely treatments at Ojo Caliente spa and we soaked in the mud and healing waters. Wonderful, truly wonderful. We had a great time.

And now I’m back with Emily on my lap:

emily on my lap

I think I left Max here when I drove away – he doesn’t move too far from Dad these days.

maxi-boy on dad's lap

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  1. Kristin
    April 11, 2012

    moving? wow. I can’t believe it! I know you don’t have a specific location right now but do you at least know what region of the country you’ll be relocating to?

  2. April 11, 2012

    Hey there … well here are the options right now: New Jersey (ick! hoping to God this isn’t it), California (still ick, but anything will grow there), and Boulder, Colorado which is really what we’re hoping to get. S is in CA today and then we’ll wait for offers. We’re expecting at least two and probably three. Praying for Colorado – I even alerted the Nuns! Best to have everyone praying for the same thing, don’t you think?

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