Should I pack the craft room – and all that yarn – now or later?

So, here’s a question … when you know a move is inevitable, when do you pack the yarn? I’m terrified of packing up the craft room because:

1) pack too soon and you *could* run out of yarn (yeah, like I could ever knit that fast), or
2) pack when people are examining the house and risk looking like the knitting equivalent of the ‘crazy cat lady’ (which I’ll probably get labeled on day anyway, so perhaps I shouldn’t fight it)

These yarns are my friends. They are all hand-picked treasures and they are loved. It’s like packing up the cat before we load up the car.

I’m a big believer in avoiding the jinx. It’s always been my experience that the things I resisted fervently and with lots of noisy complaining were the things I eventually ended up doing anyway.

Case in point: I did NOT want to do the videos at my previous job. I tried vehemently to get out of it, and then when I did finally start doing them, I tried to get others in the office to do them. You know, to spread it around a little, help others learn the skill, keep things exciting for the customers and all that.

You know what? It never happened. Once I started doing the videos, I was stuck with them. (Of course, that’s a whole OTHER lesson in itself, isn’t it?)

Then, something shifted and I kinda started liking doing them. I liked the complexity of writing a really great script. I liked crafting how they looked for the viewer and adding cool features that highlighted the product. In the end, all that resistance was futile anyway.

So, anyway back to the packing issue: pack it now or later?

Maybe I’ll just pack up some of the room. The quilting stuff for example, I could pack that … no, wait I can’t. I might get time to work on that. Geez!

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