The Mysterious Case of the Missing Cat Toys

As we pack our house and stage it for buyers, we (OK, it was me, all me) decided to put away all the cat toys. If you’ve been to my house, you know why.

It’s because there are simply so damn many of them and they are everywhere. Emily and Max, after all, are adept at pulling them out of the cat toy baskets and when that doesn’t work, they dump the baskets completely over. There are cat toys everywhere. All the time.

So, to keep a handle on things, I packed them.

Yep, and now they are both wondering who has the cat toys.

Emily is convinced Max has them:

I don't have the cat toys, mama

Max flatly denies any knowledge and he believes that Emily has them all:

Emily has them mama, I know she does!

In the meantime, we found a few under things, so this is the extent of the available toys right now:

missing cat toy mystery

Just think how much they are gonna LOVE their toys when they get them back!

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