Apparently, there’s a first time for everyone – flaming margaritas all ’round!

So, on our getaway to Mt. Princeton, we drove into Buena Vista (why they say it ‘byoona-vista’ I have no idea) for an early dinner.

Now, let me stop right there and tell you something I’m finding dreadfully funny. With Mr. Man on a break between jobs, we’ve been playing a semi-retired life. What’s that you say? Well I’ll tell ‘ya. It goes like this:

  • Sleep in until 7 – even if you are the ‘working one’ (that would be me)
  • Work out somewhere in mid-day
  • Snack a little through the day to get really hungry
  • Eat dinner with the old folks – no later than 4 p.m. mind you
  • Back at home, knit, pack a little, sit on the porch, read a book (there’s hours until bed-time after all)

My guy spent the first couple of weeks fixing every single thing that could even remotely be called ‘not quite right’ with the house and now it’s very nearly perfect. After that, he’s become a really handsome pain-in-the-arse let me tell you. He runs all the errands, does all the dishes, actually folds laundry, and wants to see movies in the afternoon and have margaritas every damn night. It’s purely delicious craziness I tell you. I’m keeping up with my work but I’m sure not putting in the crazy hours right now.

All of this has been a terrific break. It’s gonna be hell when it’s over so I’m not going to think about that right now (channeling Scarlet is a gift).

So, back to my dinner story …

We found a small new-to-us Mexican restaurant called El Paraiso right on Main Street. It was the only thing we found open on a Sunday in this tiny town, so we decided to brave it. Run by Cesar and Jose Hernandez, this little restaurant is clearly just getting started. The doorbell rings when you enter, and they come running down the stairs to guide you to the second floor. The carpet is clearly from another era and another style, but there are Mexican-style decorations all around and everyone is really friendly.

They asked if we wanted to start off with a margarita, and of course, we said yes, thank you! What other answer is there for us, really?

When we noticed we’d eaten through all the chips and salsa, we started to get a little concerned.

  • Where were these margaritas?
  • Were they looking up the recipe?
  • What was taking so long?

When the margaritas came, however, we were amazed!

Flaming El Paraiso margaritas

Can you see the flames? They had a floater that was on fire! See if you can see it from this angle:

Flaming El Paraiso margaritas


I want to go on record and say I’ve never seen a flaming margarita until now. We were so amazed, we watched and the guy – I think it was Jose – had to come by and tell us to just dunk the lemon with our straws so we could enjoy the drink.


Fresh lime juice – you can always tell the difference. These were really great margaritas.

On the food side, the restaurant was traditional Mexican food. Slow roasted chicken in the enchiladas – nice. The beans were whipped to within an inch of their lives and likely with lard, which is not the healthiest option but hey, it was good. The rice had been properly fried, so it was nicely toasted prior to having the spices added.

All in all, a really nice meal at a great price.

El Paraiso

And so, we headed back to the Princeton Hot Springs to float in the hot pools some more.

Colorado mountains

Is it 4 o’clock yet, honey? Did we pack the candle lighters?

P.S. Darn it, I blogged about alcohol again. Steve always says I forget to take pictures of the food, but blog about the drinks. Shucks, that seems to be true.

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