Pre-Relocation Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Getaway Continued

A continuation of last weekend’s getaway

We stayed in the new cliffside rooms, which are way up on the hill above the Hot Springs.

Cliffside at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs

You can see the various pools – all with mountains in the background. You’ve never enjoyed a hot springs until you’ve had cool breezes on your face and mountains all around as you float in the hot water.

We did a lot of lying around.

feet up

I love taking pictures of feet at rest. It’s harder than you think!

We took a long hike, snapping as many pictures as we could.

hiking in Colorado

We found downed logs to photograph – don’t you love the patterns here?

fallen log

We saw the Agnes Vaille falls – lovely story of friendship that.

Agnes Vaille falls

We hiked a long way on another trail – intending to get to Alpine Tunnel – but we never reached it.

Alpine Tunnel Trail

Eventually, we got hungry and decided to head back to float in the pools again. We stayed there all afternoon until we were pruny. On the way back, my guy bought this:

the new bear on the porch

Now, this will be the only bear we see on the porch. *sniff* *sigh*

I think we’ll name him Barry.


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