Visiting our new state – California here we come!

Wow, last weekend we went to visit our new state and look at houses. I have to say I was 100% terrified because:

1) we’ve already agreed to go

2) I really like Colorado

3) what if I didn’t like my new home?

You know, I think some people can live just anywhere but I’m really connected to place. I need roots, neighbors, friends, relationships. Not a lot, but enough to get by.

I have to say that Santa Barbara is a really great town. It’s not huge, which is great, and it’s got a lot of character. The Santa Ynez valley, however, is breathtaking. I never expected to feel so quickly at home and in love with a place as this.

We looked at many houses and took lots of pictures, but none of the Santa Ynez valley. Honestly, we were moving quickly and trying to soak it all in instead of documenting it. So, unfortunately I only have pictures of flowers (see tomorrow’s post) and food. 🙂

We found some really delicious Mexican food:

Mexican food in Santa Barbara

Seafood enchiladas – yum!

We visited Stearns Wharf (or Harbor, I can’t remember):

Stearns Wharf or Harbor in Santa Barbara

It was always a little foggy and chilly there until mid- to late-afternoon when the sun came out and burned it all off. Interesting because up in the Santa Ynez valley, there was 100% SUN. Loved it.

We got to see a sunset over the ocean. Haven’t seen that in awhile and lots of people came out just to sit on the beach and the wharf to watch it. Things kinda got quiet around sunset. Even the gulls tamed their noise a bit.

Sunset in Santa Barbara

We saw lots of gulls and boats:

Gulls and boats

Lots and lots of boats:

Lots of boats in Santa Barbara


It is an amazing place. Now, we just have to sell our house!

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