We have a graduate folks!

A few days ago, my eldest dropped by and pulled her cap and gown out of the plastic wrap, so I could press it for her.

cap and gown

We picked up a dessert cookie for the big day:

graduation dessert

It was held here – big, big place folks. There are a lot of graduates hitting the job market this summer. Snap one up!

graduation location

Lots and lots of graduates.

graduates galore

Mine is right here:

liz in crowd

We got there late and it was hard to find seats, so we sat behind the stage where we could see her and make faces:

graduates as far as the eye can see

Here she is making faces back (blurry, sorry):

graduates as far as the eye can see

Here’s the happy and proud family:

happy family of graduate

This is the college president (I think) giving congratulations to the graduates too:

graduation day

Honestly, it’s good we were in the cheap seats because we kept up a running commentary on the coolest shoes as people were going up and getting their diplomas. We would have annoyed a lot of people if we weren’t in the cheap seats. Plus it was fun to text back and forth and enjoy it with our girl this way. We could see her the whole time, which was the important part.

This is what happens when you give the smallest person the camera. You get pictures of her shoe!

graduation day

Afterward, there were hugs all around:

graduation hugs

I am so, so proud of you my girl.

graduation day

We are all so, so proud of you.

graduation day

And then there were margaritas and I’m in complete, total pain today. Serves me right.

graduation lunch

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