Everything I hate about selling a house and moving

I’m leaving a great house … and the flowers are just starting to bloom. My peonies. They have taken me 7 years to get to this level and they are just getting started.

Leaving Colorado and the peonies are blooming

I hate keeping the house 100% show-ready at all times.

I hate having people trooping through my house at their whim, opening my closets and drawers, inspecting things. It’s creepy.

I hate the uncertainty and I miss my things.

The house looks empty … the bookcases have no books.

Leaving Colorado and the bookcases are empty

All the books are in the garage in boxes. Nearly all of my kitchen is packed up … the cabinets are nearly empty.

Leaving Colorado and the kitchen is empty

We didn’t want to move any of the bottles in the bar (too much work and the movers won’t transport it across state lines – did you know that? I didn’t), so we hosted a ‘drain the liquor cabinet’ party. It started like this:

Leaving Colorado and the bar is empty

and it ended up like this:

Leaving Colorado and the bar is empty

This is my daughter’s favorite beer and she graduated last week. She had help – she didn’t drink all of the growlers by herself – about 10 of her friends showed up and it was great fun to see them all.

This is the last garlic clove and I’m cooking it into a chicken this weekend.

Leaving Colorado and the kitchen is empty

If I had a pot left, I’d make my spaghetti sauce instead, but I don’t. I packed all the pots and pans except 1 for grilled cheese and another for popcorn ‘cuz given my choice, I’d live off grilled cheese and popcorn.

Beer can chicken it is!

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