More ch-ch-ch-changes!

Our house is now under contract with some really great people who are very excited to get it. I can only hope that by writing this here I’m not jinxing it, but I don’t feel like that will happen. We thought it prophetic that they came to see the house on Memorial Day and he’s a vet – multiple tours in Vietnam. I think he and his soon-to-be wife will very much enjoy the serenity of this yard and the occasional flyovers from the air force cadets.

My guy left early this morning with his Jeep loaded pretty heavily with maps, clothes, a box o’ food/coffee, bedding, etc. Everything a guy needs to set up house in a tiny loft and start his new job. He’ll be the first wave of our migration. I’ll follow later with the kitties, etc.

After having Steve home all the time for awhile, Max is still wondering where Dad is.

First the toys, now my Dad?

Movers arrive on the 20th.

What does that mean mama?

No, we haven’t picked a house out there just yet, but we’ve got a really great, friendly, smart realtor working on it out for us and our stuff can follow later.

Max, Emily, that means you have to get used to these boxes.

Kitty travel carriers

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