Creating order amidst the chaos of moving

I’m an ordered, organized person and as such, I dislike chaos and mess. My mother knows this about me and sent me this quote:  “the art of progress is to preserve order amid change and change amid order.” I think she’s trying to get me to focus on the progress instead of the chaos. This is going to be my quote for awhile because we are deep in the midst of a period of change and I’m desperately trying to create some order.

One thing that signals beauty and order to me is having fresh flowers in my home, so even amidst the boxes and mess, I have flowers. I always have flowers because they remind me of my maternal grandmother and my mother – both horrendously successful gardeners and a challenge to live up to.

When we visited Lummi Island years ago for a good, long, relaxing break (way before I started the blog), we bought a big bouquet of flowers for our vacation house. They brightened up the dining table all week.

Flowers in our Lummi Island vacation rental

They brightened up the dining table all week. So, I’ve got flowers on my work desk (none of which is packed up – I’ll need all of this until the last possible minute).

Peonies from the yard

When I brought these in yesterday, I forgot to thoroughly shake them off before bringing them inside and then spent the rest of the afternoon rescuing about 15 confused ants and putting them back outside.

The ants crawl on the peonies after the sticky sweet junk the aphids leave on them. It’s all circle-of-life stuff, but if I forget to leave the ants outside, I have to rescue the silly buggers.

There is the last working bloom on the last amaryllis in this very empty house.

Last amaryllis bloom

I wonder if this sucker is gonna bloom before I leave? If it doesn’t, I know just whom I’ll give it to. There is a jar with a peony bloom and one of the last iris blooms in the kitchen window sill.

Flowers in the kitchen window

No ants here, thank goodness.

Max is still focused on where his best friend has gone.

Max waits for Dad to come back

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