Experimenting with kitty drugs

I’m experimenting with drugging my cats before our long trek west, which will hopefully be coming soon. This gorgeous beauty looks all innocent at the edge of my desk:

Emily on the desk

but you put her in a carrying case and put her in the car and you’ve got a screaming, panting nightmare. Since this will be a long trip, it was time to consider alternatives to gentle coaxing and telling her it will be alright.

So, this morning, I pulled out my little jar of drugs, dutifully chopped one pill into quarters and mashed one quarter pill each into two little piles of tuna.


I got one drugged big boy:

Wow, this is cool ... why are we on the porch?

Look at those eyes. Maxi-boy is a calm boy by any standard, but this borders on crazy levels of lazy.

I can use my kitty powers to bring the branch to me

Little dude, your kitty powers are not that strong. Let me help you.

Wow, that branch came so close!

When I picked him up to carry him back inside, he tried to growl and me but ended up chirping like a little bird. I think we can safely say the meds work on him. He did well throughout the day and seems to be back to normal as the day is closing.

This one, however, is too smart. She nibbled the choice bits of tuna off the top, then spent the morning racing around the house, jumping on and over boxes – up the stairs, around Max, and back down like an orange streak of light.

Mama, I'm too smart for the tuna trick!

Little she-devil. So, we’ll try the old-fashioned, stuff-it-in-the-back-of-your-mouth trick tomorrow, OK?

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