Emily gets the kitty drug test … and it goes about as well as you might expect

This week, I’ve been testing the kitty drugs to be sure the kitties won’t have any crazy reactions or get very ill. Of course, Emily is smart and she figured out how to toss the pill out of her mouth when I wasn’t looking and then I closely watched Max’s reaction to the meds while she had fun.

Yesterday, it was Emily’s turn and if you’ve ever tried to give a cat a pill, you know how much ‘fun’ it is. I put the quarter tablet in her mouth and held her close while she worked on it. She spat it out.

I put it back in and held her mouth closed while she worked on it. She spat some of it back out, so I gently rubbed it between my fingers and put it back in as dust and gently held her mouth closed while it absorbed.

Almost immediately, she was walking all wobbly and crooked. I hated it. She drank some water and then I spent the rest of the morning trying to keep her comfortable while I watched to see how she did.

I put her in her bed on our favorite knitting spot:

Mama, I really feel weird

I know you feel weird baby. You look pretty awful too.

She stayed there for awhile but then she wanted to get up and move around again. She tried under my desk by my feet:

Mama, I really feel weird

Aw, my poor little girl. This is where she finally ended up happy – on my lap.

From here, things don't look so bad

She stayed right here for hours.

I worked and held her and kept her close and she slept and slept. When she woke up, we would snuggle and she would reposition and sleep again.

Max wasn’t even drugged today, and he looked like this!

The toys are exhausting!

He’s exhausted from playing with the little cache of toys I found and set out for them to play with.

Later, when Emily felt better, Max tried to help her.

Seriously? do I have to put up with this?

Seriously? she says. Do I really have to put up with this after the day I’ve had?

Max’s paw reaches back ….

Emily and Max playing

… and Emily promptly smacks him. That’s usually how these things go for Max.

Then, later in the evening, it was thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Aren’t these clouds strange looking?

Colorado thunder clouds

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