I ran away again – this time to my parents’

In the hell of packing and handling last-minute fixes around the house, I decided to run away again. If you remember, I ran away for Easter knowing that we would be moving but not knowing exactly where. Now, I know where I’m going – not the specific house, but at least narrowed down to a location.

Last week, I was coordinating a radon mitigation system, dry wall repairs, movers, and realtors in multiple states. I had a near-constant, low-grade headache that simply would not go away and I spent a lot of time wondering if it was because of that silly radon machine and whether I was going to develop a brain tumor from the damned thing. I also wasn’t sleeping, so it was a relatively icky stage I’d gotten myself into.

So I ran away to spend a few days with my parents. I got to sit on a shady porch and look at beautiful flowers:

I did not grow these flowers!

Lots and lots of flowers:

Gorgeous day lillies

And I got to help train this wonderful wiggly puppy named Angel:

Angel, a St. Francis dog

She’s one of the St. Francis dogs and my parents were puppy-sitting. This particular puppy will have a future as a service dog, but this weekend she was on vacation with us. She was delightful, squirmy, and having a great time in the yard. note the dirt and branches on her face – she was excellent at finding branches and then chewing them into mulch.

I got to eat delicious treats:

Spinach dip - yum!

We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Blue Ridge Parkway

Essentially, I was completely spoiled. I have to say, when the going gets tough I highly recommend running away.

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