When things are ending, we start looking at the beginning

At the end, we begin thinking of the beginning … I read or heard that somewhere. So, I was flipping through the original shots of our house as we get ready to relocate. It’s amazing how much we’ve done to this place.

Let me show you the details.

Kitchen before:

Kitchen before

Who paints a kitchen grey? You should have seen the burnt orange sink too. Note that stripey (is that a word?) thing over the sliding door? Crazy.

Kitchen after:

Kitchen after

Flower bed before:

Flower bed before

You can’t even call this a flower bed. No flowers ever came up in it and who puts rocks out like that? Nuts.

Flower bed after:

Adventures in Gardening - the results

Pond before:

Pond before

Now, to be fair the pond wasn’t bad before. It had koi in it – which the bears and the blue heron proceeded to eat – but the filter was dumpy and it never really worked.

Pond after:

pond renovation

The guest bathroom before:

Guest bathroom before

Good lord, the lighting in the house was really awful. We think they must have taken all the good lights out and replaced them with charity discards.

Guest bathroom after:

newly renovated bathroom

Wow, the level of work that went into this place. Ugh. Now we have to start over.

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