Day two of driving across the country with two cats

I think it’s starting to hit me now … I no longer have a home in Colorado. All our stuff rode away in a big moving van two days ago and that was weird. It was weird to walk through the empty house. It was weird to see all our belongings roll down the street away from me. I’m glad I had my friends and daughters around all day – popping in and out and taking care of me – but dang, it was weird.

Day two of the drive is over. Today’s driving took just about 6 hours, exactly what I had calculated and now we’re settled into the hotel in the cool air conditioning.

The kitties are doing well … they hate their boxes and the riding along part but they seem to enjoy the hotel rooms. They drink a bunch of water immediately upon getting out of their boxes. They usually use their kitty box right away too.

They enjoy sleeping on the bed with me, but today’s hotel (thank goodness) doesn’t have a bed they can hide under. This morning, it was a comedy of errors getting Ems out from under the bed. I couldn’t fit under the bed, so she had the advantage. I reached under from one side, she squished further toward the middle. I went around and she scrambled away from me. She kept her eyes on me the whole time, but was quite confident about what she was doing which was not coming out from under the bed.

Finally, I moved the entire bed and then slid the luggage rack thing to push her to one side, scrambled across the bed and snatched her from the other side.

I snuggled with her for a bit to let her know it was all OK and then popped her pill into her throat and put her into her box. Poor baby.

The truck is well packed, so I thought I’d give you a picture of the passenger seat at the start of the day:

Driving across country

You don’t want to see it at the end of the day. It’s a mess.

Also, Utah has a lot of amazing color!

lots of color in Utah

It’s really hard because I can’t stop and see any of these lovely state and national forests and parks.

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