The final day of driving across the West

The last night of our drive was hard on the kitties. They couldn’t sleep for some reason. I cranked the A/C down low so they would get cold and want to curl up, but that worked against me. In the end, they both decided to get UNDER the covers with me to sleep.

After I wriggled out from between their furriness the next morning, they refused to get out of the covers. In fact, Emily curled next to Max to stay in the warmth.

Two sleepy lumps in the bed

You know when you are staying in a hotel with small children who had a tough night and they stay asleep while you are packing up and taking your vitamins and finding your shoes? It was very much like that.

Finally, with most everything ready to haul out to the truck, it was time to jiggle them out.

Seriously mama? I'm too tired

This was funny too … as I pulled away the covers, Max crept back under them.  I had a little more success with Emily.

No mama, I don't want to drive today

Poor little four-legged kids. They are so tired from the driving. Well, actually from the riding. After all, I’m doing all the work. They just have to take their pills and ride along in their boxes but I think it’s really hard on them staying still and not playing.

Finally, after six or seven more hours of this:

In California, but it's still a desert!

Note how filthy the windshield is getting? I have no idea how I’m going to get the truck clean – really clean – again as I’ve left my absolute favorite car wash behind. Now, I’ll likely have to do it myself to get it done right. Ergh!

After a while longer, I found the 101 and we saw the ocean on one side of the car:

Finally on the 101

… and hazy mountains on the other side:

They call these mountains, right?

I know they call these mountains here, but as a Coloradoan I’m wondering if that’s fair. The Rockies are Mountains. These are really more like hills. Then again, I don’t want to insult, so I’ll listen and see what people tell me.

Now, we’re tucked snugly into a little apartment that overlooks the ocean and the Channel Islands. It’s misty out there in the morning but clears up in the afternoon. It’s chilly too and damp. My hair is curling and frizzing like a crazy thing. I may have to rethink my hair cut in the future.

We went to an open house here in the town of Santa Barbara yesterday, just to get an idea of the options. We’ll be looking for a house in the coming weeks and months, but for now, we’re living college-style with boxes and plastic tables and chairs and an inflatable mattress. It’s great fun.

The hardest thing is remembering that I do have stuff. I waved good bye to it as it rolled down my old street. I don’t have to start over and buy new stuff because I have stuff. It’s just not here. 🙂


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  1. Ellen Lukasik
    June 25, 2012


    So enjoyed the play by play of your last days in Colorado and your trip with the kitties. Trying to get Em out from under the bed must have been hilarious!!! Been there, done that.

    We sure do miss you but are glad you are there safe and sound and having fun playing college apartment!



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