Remember your college days? Did you have stuff or almost no stuff?

Do you remember your college days? Most of the college kids I knew could load all the crap they owned into a small pickup and move in the space of a couple hours.

Those days are here for me and you know, it’s kind of freeing in a weird way.

For example, it takes almost no time to get set up in a little apartment when you unload:

  • two sleepy kitties
  • one big plastic tub of clothing
  • one box o’ files
  • a lot of computer equipment

Seriously, in no time at all the work area is set up and running.

Workstation all set up

I leave most of my clothes in the big plastic tub.

The tub of clothes

I rub contented kitties on the belly.

Max loves a good belly rub

I dig things out of the handy box cardboard container system when I need them.

Handy cardboard container system

Heck, this is actually working. Now, I just have to stop myself from buying replacements for all the stuff I used to have and still love.

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  1. Kristin
    June 26, 2012

    You make moving look easy.

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