How we’re settling in … a hint: it involves toys and tuna

Emily and Max have been through an ordeal. Force-fed drugs that made them sleepy. Stuffed into boxes. Driven across country. Now, they just want to go home.

Of course, we can’t go home – not that home at least – and so we’re trying to make them comfortable and help them settle into their new temporary home until we find a new home. Sheesh! No wonder they are confused. I still can’t believe I live in California, not Colorado, and this isn’t a vacation – I live here. It hasn’t really hit home yet.

So, today I walked down to the local pet store to get them some toys. I figured with toys for afternoon and tuna for dinner all will be well, right? I was so right.

I brought home two organic catnip filled mice – everything here is organic, it seems, but the store person made it very clear that it was farm grown organic catnip¬†and so I thought I’d write that out too. Seems fair after all after she made it a big deal.

Emily loves her new mouse.

Emily's new catnip mousie

Max is getting more comfortable with looking out the window.

Max is window shopping

That is, until the trash guys came and they both scrambled into the closets for cover. Loud, unexpected noises have always scared them and when they don’t understand it, they hide. And quick.

Later, we had fresh tuna for dinner.

So far, so good. I’m hoping to catch Ems in her morning gymnastics act on film but I haven’t been up that early yet.

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