Sock knitting and palm trees – what a combination

So yesterday, I wanted to immerse myself in gratitude. Gratitude for escaping the awful fires in Colorado. Gratitude for this lovely land I live in. Just plain gratitude.

It seems to me that when I need to feel in touch with my creator, it’s best to get outside. ┬áSo, I grabbed a bag of knitting and headed to the beach.

Sock knitting and palm trees

I still can’t believe that this is just a quick walk, bike ride, or drive from the apartment.

So, I sat on a rock and watched the kids and adults and dogs laze around in the sun and play in the surf. I prayed for Colorado to get a long, soaking rain to soothe the raging fires and ease the fears and destruction.

I also knitted on these socks, which I’ve been knitting on each evening as I drove across country. Pictures shown here were taken after getting back to my desk.

Sock knitting and palm trees - who knew?

I’m using a shaping technique I learned at the Portland Sock Summit last year.

Sock knitting and palm trees - who knew?

It works to keep the sock up tight under the arches of my feet and feels like a real treat.

I’m trying to figure out what to call these socks. They aren’t fancy by any means, just a plain ribbed sock with some arch-shaping. I’m thinking ‘relocation socks’ or ‘hope socks’ perhaps. Since I just started the heel, I have some time to think about it.

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