First bike ride in Santa Barbara

Yesterday, we took our first bike ride around Santa Barbara. I had brought the bikes along with me hooked on the rack on the back of my truck when I drove across country with the kitties. I thought we’d like having them while we looked for a house. It’s a great way to learn about a new area and still get around with a little speed. Walking is great too, but it’s just not as fast as moving around on a bike.

Plus, Santa Barbara is a VERY bike-friendly town. I haven’t seen a single street without a bike lane on it and riders are everywhere. Bike racks are everywhere. It’s really great.

We rode along the shoreline and noticed this strange circle of fishing boats that were doing a kind of boat water ballet. Everyone on the beach was set up to watch too:

Memorial for urchin diver

We stopped to ask some of the people who were watching and they said it was a memorial for an urchin diver who’d died. And there you have it. Still not sure what an urchin diver is or how he/she died, but heck this is a great send off.

We continued along the shoreline until we got to the Santa Barbara harbor, and then we turned into town and had some lupper (that meal between lunch and supper in our family language).

Then, we rode home again.

Bike ride Santa Barbara

This is truly a special place.

Bike ride Santa Barbara

I have to say, however, it’s just not home yet.

Bike ride Santa Barbara

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