Knitting teaches you patience, not the other way around

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started this scarf. You’d think – at least I would and do – that after all the years I’ve been knitting, I would learn. But … I don’t.

So, when I was visiting my parents, my Mom and I spotted and ran into a little knit shop where she found a cute spiral scarf she wanted (does this happen to you? non-knitters find cool things and want you to knit them up?). The yarn was there, the pattern was online, it was serendipity.

Except, as all of you know and knitting teaches us this very hard lesson over and over: I can’t read.

Still, I got started – it was just a 13-row repeat after all. After I short-rowed it across and started the second repeat, it was not spiraling. In fact, it was balanced. It had evened itself out.

Hmmm … so I tried again. Same result. Not only that, it was hole-y as in there were holes where I didn’t think there should be. Argh!

So, I decided this was a good time to visit a local knitting shop/yarn store. What better reason is there? I trotted down to the Loop and Leaf because they were local and open when I was ready and I was so ready.

I ran in and asked for help and the lovely people there were more than happy to help. I plopped down in an empty chair and proceeded to get to row 13 where I would, of course, start the next repeat. I asked about the ‘picking up the wraps and knitting part’ which I know I’d been taught before, and I was doing it wrong.

With some help, I got the picking up part right and I started merrily on with the next repeat. By the time I got through the second repeat, dangit if it wasn’t balancing instead of spiraling again. I knew what it was supposed to look like but it wasn’t looking like that. Celeste (owner of the Loop and Leaf) figured out I had left out one important ingredient of the pattern: Knit all even rows – even the unlisted row 14 before I started row 1 again. Argh!

It wasn’t pattern error – it was knitter error.

So, I proceeded again and voila! I was getting a nice spiral. Until I went ‘home’ (it’s not home – it’s temporary quarters) and started reading a Nook book while knitting and dammit if I didn’t get turned around again.

So, I ripped it out again.

Now, I’ve put a marker on the KNIT ONLY side, put a note on my pattern and all should finally be well (fingers crossed).

Corkscrew Potato Chips Scarf

This is the Corkscrew Potato Chips scarf and it’s not the writer’s fault I messed it up so.

P.S. Mom, it might not get done in time for Ireland – I hate knitting on a schedule! I’ll try though.

P.P.S. I loved the Loop and Leaf. Lovely little shop. Very friendly people and I even picked up (who would have guessed?) some more yarn, a pattern, and the needles to start the Spring Time Bandit, which always looked odd to me when I tried it before but they had a sample with a yarn I love and so … well you know the story.

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