Happy Fourth of July! from the seriously homesick

Don’t get me wrong. Santa Barbara is beautiful and I’m committed to my hubby and his job is here, but this weekend I was hit with the worst case of homesickness I’ve felt since I went away to 4H summer camp.

I miss my girls

I miss my friends

I miss my sister and her brood

I miss my home

I miss my mountains

I feel badly for being here when I should be in Colorado helping out!

We put an offer on a house this week. Not sure if we’ll get it, but it will happen as it is supposed to happen.

Either way, I’m bound and determined to settle in and enjoy this place, but for some reason it still feels like a vacation. A really long one where we’re supposed to go home soon, but we just can’t figure out the way to get there.

This is just too damned weird. So, later tonight, we’re riding our bikes (parking will be crazy) and taking these chairs:

Camping chair for the Fourth of July

and some knitting:

Fourth of July knitting

down to the beach to watch the fireworks and celebrate freedom and rejoice.

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