Luge Impressions and a Vampire Kitty

Emily has turned into a Vampire Kitty – she only comes out at night.

She is still trying to get used to the different sounds and climate, but most of the day she spends right here:

That lump in the bed is Emily

That little lump in the bed is Emily. Not sure why she turned to staying under the covers, but we give her lots of encouragement and love each evening and each time we return after leaving the apartment.

Vampire Kitty

Yesterday, we had a bit of a break through and she came out to snuggle and play. She was much like her old self. She had some tuna and a little turkey, then ran around a bit and played with her toys and she settled in beside me while I knit.

Vampire Kitty

Still, this morning finds her curled up under the covers snoozing away. It’s the place she feels the most safe.

Max however is perfecting his luge impression just in time for the summer Olympics!

Max's new luge impression

Spectators and friends, we seem to have lost Max. His feet have fallen off the boxes that are holding him up and the blanket is simply too far to help him out.

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