Enough with the clouds and gloom already!

I am breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out … because I’m seriously sick of the never-ending cloudy gloom here.

June gloom in July


Here, in Santa Barbara they call this the June Gloom. Except we’re firmly into July and it’s wearing on me.

Cloudy weather has always brought me down. I can handle about a day and a half and then it needs to clear out. This has been hanging on far too long and when I ask people about it, they say it’s unusual for it to last this far into July.

That gives me hope, and we sometimes get clear afternoons, which helps too but waking to this cloudy gloom is making it hard for me to keep my spirits up.


This too shall end.


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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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  1. Allen
    July 11, 2012

    Yep. I always avoid trips to Southern California in June. I spent two weeks in LA one June and had to drive out to Palm Springs just to see the sunshine. That is one of the good things about where you live though. You can get in your car and usually find sunshine an hour or two inland if that is what you want.

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