Emily really is an acrobat, didn’t you know?

Since we moved into our temporary quarters, Emily and Max have struggled with the change. It’s not as big as their old stomping grounds, there’s just one cat box (which means it gets cleaned at least 3 times a day, thank you), and there are all these strange sounds that frighten them.

Throughout most of the daytime, you’ll find them right here – under the covers where it’s safe.

No one can find us in here Max!

But in the dark, Emily has become an acrobat. Her journey ends up here:

Emily's on the ceiling

That’s the ceiling of the apartment folks, and it’s high – probably at least 15 feet. She hops on the kitchenette counter and hits the refrigerator and then the top of the cabinets:

Emily's acrobatic night time

She hikes along the cabinets to circle the kitchenette:

Emily's acrobatic night time

Next, she hits this little alcove:

Emily's acrobatic night time

And she jumps onto the beam and creeps along the beam:

Emily's acrobatic night time

She stays there for a bit and works her way back down. Thank goodness it seems safe for her and it does give her a feeling of security and accomplishment, I think. She seems pretty darned proud of herself when she gets back down, so I give her treats (in the daytime, that is).

This guy is not stupid.

I just can't do that stuff Mama!

He knows he’s too chubby to attempt anything that acrobatic. Thank goodness.


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