First time Kayaking in Santa Barbara

I’m a lucky, lucky girl and I’ll tell you why. I was born after the Internet and I get to enjoy every frickin’ thing it has to offer (more than anyone can handle, I think) including my ability to work from home.

One of the things the Internet offers is a way to find friends – adult friends, friends who want to do stuff, friends you will maybe grow to love, but in the meantime – a whole batch of friends – and right now I’m missing my old friends so badly I don’t want to do anything but get on a plane and come back home.

But, I have to live here and those are the facts. So, I joined a Meetup group to find local folks to do stuff with – women preferably because after all, I’m not huntin’ a husband and women are so darned interesting. I was looking for down-to-earth people who just want to get out, explore, and do things once in awhile and I found a group I can get along with.

Friday, we went kayaking.

Santa Barbara is just a bit hazy today, don’t you think?

Kayaking Santa Barbara

We met up at the wharf (wow, the sailboats bring back memories)

Kayaking Santa Barbara

I snapped some photos of the pelicans lurking beside this fishing boat (at least I think it’s a fishing boat)

Kayaking Santa Barbara

We picked up our kayaks and headed out (those are my sneakers because my water shoes are …. you guessed it – packed in a truck in Colorado! Argh!) No worries. they’re just fine for this anyway – it was an open top kayak after all – tourist style. Then again, none of us are tourists, we’re locals. OK, brushing that aside.

Kayaking Santa Barbara

We had to paddle through the marina and out past this floating thing covered in pelicans!

Kayaking Santa Barbara

Did you know they can turn their whole throats inside out? I saw it! It was really gross and weird. Plus, the pelicans are kinda stinky, so we paddled very quickly past them after that.

We paddled and paddled (we took breaks too). We saw a sea lion – close enough to see whiskers! He or she was adorable and we all turned to watch. No, I didn’t get a picture as I was enjoying the moment.

We also saw a small group of dolphins jumping out of the water and heading up the coast. So close it was breathtaking. Again, no picture – same reason.

We saw lots of sea kelp, however, and I did get a picture of that!

Kayaking Santa Barbara

It’s kinda gross when it gets tangled with your kayak paddle, but hey, at least I wasn’t swimming in it.

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