When kitties climb the walls

Max is literally climbing the walls here at the apartment. He’s used to a lot more room to roam around and Emily keeps hiding under the covers and won’t play. We got a paper bag from a grocery store trip recently and Mr. Man tore a hole in the bottom to push toys through and distract Max a bit.

After playing like this for awhile, Max decided to stick his head in the hole instead.

Max and the paper bag attack

Then, he was stuck.

Max and the paper bag attack

Of course, we were laughing and he wasn’t too concerned, but he had to work to wriggle himself free of it.

Max and the paper bag attack

And he’s out!

That was a bad bag mama!

This morning, he’s managed to disconnect my computer four times and make a huge mess with the cat litter. We gotta get these guys a place to live or I’m gonna kill one of them.

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  1. Judith
    September 25, 2012

    Our cats used to like the big brown paper bags. We would lay one on its side all open and all and Banjo would come sneaking around the corner, wiggle his butt and then dash into the bag with this loud “cracklethumpboom!” kind of noise … as he would scoot about a foot along the hard wood floors. Then he would dash out of it and do it again.

    If, if, there was a tear in the bottom of the bag, then it was a whole other game, with a stealthy, clawed, paw would poke through and attack anything that tormented the bottom of the bag. Again, ages of fun had by all.

    I miss cats.

  2. September 27, 2012

    We always get the paper bags when we shop the stores that have them because they’re such good toys. They can play for days with a paper sack. They also like a blanket thrown over a chair – endless possibilities for kitty tenting there. 🙂

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