Birthday weekend

It’s been a rough week folks. The Internet has been going up, down, up, down and just plain hellishly unreliable. The Internet people couldn’t come look at it until yesterday, which they did, and they wriggled things and tested things and basically couldn’t tell me much. We can’t get high-speed at the apartment – don’t ask my why, I don’t know because every time I ask, I get strange answers that make no sense.

So, last week was spent chasing wi-fi and I spent at least one full day in the downtown Santa Barbara public library – lovely place, lovely people. Except that came with it’s own fair share of odd stuff, like the lady taking a bath in the sink in the bathroom on the first floor. Then, there was the guy washing fruit (I guess he’d just picked it off a tree? fruit grows everywhere here – we eat it off the trees from all the yards of the houses we look at) in the drinking fountain. I was glad I’d brought my own jug of filtered water and therefore didn’t need to disturb him. Then, there was the big, very tan, very hairy man with a long skateboard who sat at my table to charge his phone. He was working out a very complicated budget plan that involved socks and toilet paper. It was interesting and humbling. When his phone had finished charging, it beeped and he looked up, pushed his glasses back up his nose, smiled and packed up and headed out.

So, that evening, I decided it was time for some quiet me time.

painting toes and knitting socks

I refreshed my poor tired toes and knitted on my socks.

Max decided the day was just too much for him and he hid under his big piece of paper for a rest.


We did get to properly celebrate my birthday. Mass at the Old Santa Barbara Mission last night featured a choir group from Cambridge University – they’re apparently here to do a lot of singing around town and it was breathtaking.

So, even a rough tiring bad-Internet week can turn out all right in the end.

We’re seeing more houses later today. More updates soon.


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