A California Ostrich and Emu Farm

It’s a very interesting place we’ve moved to. We’re looking at houses in Solvang and more on that soon, but for now, let’s take a quick detour to the Ostrich and Emu farm which is right between the towns of Solvang and Buellton.

Ostrich and Emu viewing

We see the farm and this sign every time we drive that particular route up the 101. It’s a little more than weird to be driving along and then turn to look at ostriches running across the field. It’s enough that California is so different from Colorado that this seemed to be pushing the limits.

Apparently this farm is all about the eggs. Eggs for people to eat, eggs for zoos, eggs, eggs, eggs. They do not harvest the birds for meat and they let visitors stop, pay a small fee, and buy food to feed the hungry ostriches and emus.

These are the feeding rules.

Feeding rules for Ostriches and Emus

Essentially, it boils down to keeping your fingers to yourself and wrapped firmly around the handle of your feeding pan. The minute you walk out of the building, into the sunshine, and down the walkway, ostriches come from the bushes.

Hungry ostrich

We are standing on a walkway about 4-5 feet off the ground, so this gives you an idea of how tall these things are.

Hungry ostrich

They know we have the food too.

Hungry ostriches

The farmers rigged these food-bowls-glued-to-dust-pans contraptions. I can tell you whose handles are necessary to keep fingers and hands as far away from those big beaks as possible!

Hungry ostrich

Look at those eyelashes! The next one looks perturbed.

Perturbed ostrich

We gave all our food to the ostriches, so you can imagine when we got to the emus that this guy was less than happy to see us.

Perturbed emu

So, he headed off to nap in the sunshine with is buddies.

Perturbed emu

Not to worry, there was a small herd of kids coming down the path behind us – they still had food in their buckets.

Napping ostriches

Herd of napping ostriches … how weird is that? The all crowded up to say goodbye too!

Ostrich goodbye





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