Movement, bright colors, and necessary sunshine

So it’s been a bad few days and yesterday, I decided (with the help of some really amazing long-distance friends) that I needed to find a way to recover. I took a deep breath and thought about what it would take to help me feel better. I decided that movement, bright colors and sunshine were necessary.

So, after doing all the work that required the higher powered computer at the apartment, I packed up the laptop and headed to the gym for a good long workout (that accomplishes the movement part).

Showered and dressed in a lovely soft pale pink sweater (that’s just part of bright colors for today), I went outside and looked around for the direction where there appeared to be the most sun. Luckily, this was toward downtown Santa Barbara, so I dragged my butt into the truck and started toward the library where I found the sunshine!

Santa Barbara sunshine backed by a cloud bank

See that cloud bank behind the palm trees? That’s the persistent gloom I am escaping.

I drove into a parking garage, and as I was coming out of it and down the steps – voila! the library! A good sign, I thought.

Santa Barbara library

I grabbed a big iced tea from Starbucks and headed into the library to find a spot by the windows. Again, this must be my lucky day because I found an exceptional spot right in front of a two-story bank of windows looking out into the bright sunshine (that suits the sunshine part of my goals for today).

Santa Barbara library

I unpacked and set up and worked for several hours. Peace and quiet and sunshine. All was good. When I was tired of writing and a little hungry, I packed up again and headed out to locate some food.

This week is Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara. I haven’t quite figured it all out, but was really baffled to find big stacks of colored eggs being sold on the streets. Huge stacks of eggs.

Eggs to smash for fiesta

Huh? It’s not Easter and this is likely pushing my earlier wish for bright colors a bit far.

I stopped to ask one of the vendors, “What’s up with the eggs?” She told me that during Fiesta people buy them to smash on each other’s heads, which certainly explains the condition of the sidewalks.

Results of fiesta egg smashing

Apparently, there is no egg in the egg – just confetti and glitter, which also explains why kids were running around with all sorts of stuff in their hair and down their shirts. More than a few adults were vigorously brushing stuff off themselves after a recent attack.

Some important details: most vendors will sell you 4 of the eggs for a buck, but the really well decorated ones cost a buck each. I bought one for Mr. Man to see. Later, he said he’d heard about it at work and that the kids love it. Then he sighed and noted that we live in a strange, strange land now.

I’d have to agree.

Post edited to add: the eggs are apparently called cascarones! 




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