Look what came in the mail yesterday

Continuing the streak of knitter’s ADD, I was searching for the right yarn to knit the Eisen sweater from Knitty. I contacted The Loopy Ewe to ask whether a particular yarn would work and whether they had it in a soft white color.

Sheri and her Loopy Elves collaborated and mentioned a few options, but then they sent me a second note recommending Madelintosh Pashmina as a good yarn for this sweater. I love these folks so much! Even though they didn’t have the color I was hoping for, they were more than happy to tell me which yarn to use.

Today, this came in the mail – a whole pile of Pashmina for this sweater.

Pashmina and Eisen

I couldn’t find a soft white, but this color caught my eye. It’s a soft tan color with a little pink in it, but it’s hard to photograph well without any light (the clouds are back this morning).

Madelintosh Pashmina

Now, I just have to finish these socks, which are knitted from the yarn we bought at Serendipity in Buena Vista (did you know that store is for sale?).

Moving socks

And I should finish this sweater before I start the next one.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to visit the local knitting store in Santa Barbara and get started on those sleeves and then I can think about starting the next sweater.

Max and Emily (who’s doing real well recovering from her vampire kitty problem) are just happy with the tissue paper and a new box.

New fresh tissue paper for kitties

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