Crackin’ Cascarones

So, last weekend we decided to bike down and join the festivities on the streets of Santa Barbara. Of course, Steve started by cracking a cascarone on my head – I wore a hat just for that reason!

Crackin' cascarones

Some things a wife knows after awhile. Not to worry, I got him back.

Crackin' cascarones

Note, he had a hat too. Hmmm ….   The confetti was everywhere!

Crackin' cascarones

Now, I have to tell you something I find very funny. On the road that runs right along the beach, as we get closer to the wharf, there is this pool. I think it’s a public pool, but I’m not sure. What’s absolutely hilarious (to me at least) is that the pool is sometimes occupied by small humans and it’s sometimes occupied by birds. I can’t figure out the timing for when it’s bird time in the pool or people time, but sometimes I see loads of little people and their parents in this pool and, more often than not, it’s birds.

Today, it was the birds’ turn in the pool.

Bird time in the pool


Who decides? The gates were locked and I think this is the birds’ clue that it’s their turn. That, plus the lack of screaming little people.

We had street fiesta food – fish tacos and tamales.

Fiesta street food

The sky was sunny (thank goodness!).

Sunny California

We saw lots of dancing.

Fiesta dancing

We climbed the stairs up to the courthouse clock tower – great fun!

Santa Barbara courthouse clock tower

It was a good weekend. More updates soon …

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