A quick knitting update …

So, I got this yarn in the mail recently and I wanted to make the Eisen sweater from Knitty; however, my first-ever sweater is still on the needles and I really should finish that before I move on to the next. Don’t you agree?

On Sunday, while Mr. Man was working, I went to the local knitting spot, the Loop and Leaf to ask for a little help. I wasn’t sure how to get started on the sleeves. Luckily, there were loads of knitters there and some expert help. Now, my sleeves are growing!

My first sweater - sleeves!

I also worked on my Relocation Socks, which is what I’ve decided to call these simple ribbed socks.

Relocation Socks

Just a little yarn left on those … I’m hoping to finish those very soon.

The lovely help at the Loop and Leaf also kindly wound the first skein of yarn for my next sweater:

Madelintosh Pashmina - Dusk

This is the Madelintosh Pashmina yarn in the color Dusk. I need to see if I get the right gauge with it … wish me luck!

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