Hiking the San Ysidro Trail

Last weekend, we took our first California hike trying something close and not too long (it was hot). So, the San Ysidro trail popped up as a good option. Just a tad south of Santa Barbara and mostly shaded according to the reports.

The trail started out like this!

San Ysidro trailhead

Densely shaded in parts, dappled in others and full on sun on others, it was a smorgasbord of sun and shade. The beginning passed in between houses that were tucked into the hills – really close in some cases. Close enough to peek in windows without standing on our tiptoes. There was a brunch party going on at one of them because we heard dishes clinking and lots of chatting.

We passed one huge cactus patch:

Huge cactus patch San Ysidro trail

We hiked along with a stream to our left. It reminded me of the St. Mary’s Falls hike in Colorado with the lovely sounds and the shade. When we got to where the falls were, they were dry of course but there were little pools along the way up to that point.

Dry waterfall

Steve went closer, but I didn’t – there was humming. Lots and lots of bees in whatever plant has grown down the falls. I didn’t want to risk it.

We continued past the falls – apparently this trail goes a really long way. When we got to a good spot, we turned and saw that big flooding problem to the south … the Pacific Ocean, that is.

Pacific off in the distance

If we zoom in you can see the Channel islands out there too.

Pacific off in the distance

It still amazes me. I know when I first got to the Springs, I was constantly amazed at seeing Pikes Peak in all its seasons. Sometimes covered in clouds or snow, sometimes so clear you thought you could touch it. I know I’ll eventually get used to seeing the ocean all the time, but here’s what’s weird: it still feels like a vacation. Like a really long vacation and we’ll be going home soon. Weird.

The trail continued up through the canyon a long, long way, but we were soaked (the humidity here is a killer) and filthy (the dust on the trail is amazing – fine and silty), so we headed back down.

It’s not a fourteener, but I’m sore today and I just pulled my shoes out of the wash so I’ll chalk it up to a success.

Still no house. We were going to put in a low offer on this one, but it sold over the weekend. I’m happy about it though because I wasn’t wild about the road noise and thought the remediation effort was going to be very expensive. My heart wasn’t in it.

This morning, however, our realtor called with one we’d seen on our first visit – one we liked but was already under contract when we arrived. Something about a disagreement after the inspections were done and the repairs all made and the owner’s moved out. The deal fell through and they’re looking for a buyer. Offer goes in today. We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed folks.



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  1. Ell Lukasik
    August 21, 2012

    Keeping fingers crossed, as requested. Glad you feel ok about not getting the other house.


  2. August 22, 2012

    Yeah, we didn’t get it … another bidder and the price went too high. 🙁 Oh well … it will happen. We just have to be patient

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