Productive Knitting Time

The Relocation Socks are finished. While the relocation itself is only about half done at least the socks commemorating the deed are done.

Relocation socks

I love them. Soft and warm and a lovely fresh happy color.

Relocation socks

They turned out really well. I should have started the ribbing at the top sooner because it was much too short, but it’s ok. They’re loved socks.

I also started the Springtime Bandit, which the Loop and Leaf had displayed in their window recently:

Springtime Bandit

This is a shawl pattern that is good with a thicker yarn and I’m using  Madelintosh Pashmina yarn – it’s lovely to work with.

The sleeves on the sweater are coming along too, but I’m at the point that I need to move over to DPNs and those are coming in the mail. Yes, I had to order them instead of waiting because there’s not a chance I have a set of size 8 DPNs in my collection.

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