Negotiating with Emily

So, here’s how the discussion with Emily went tonight.

First, it’s important that I accurately introduce Emily. I’ve spoken about her before, but when people visit, they never see her. That’s because this little girl is shy – she’s a one-or-two-person max kinda girl.

She started out living with us like this.

Emily tiny 2005

Yep, her collar is bigger than she is. In full color:

Emily tiny 2005

She’s still tiny. Later, as she got bigger, she did this:

Emily small but not tiny 2005

She does that a lot, as you can see here:

Mama, I'm too smart for the tuna trick!

So, tonight I go into the kitchen to think. I was working on a newsletter/blog combo and I wanted the tone just right and I needed to do dishes or anything to clear my head and see what emerged.

Emily thinks that entering the kitchen is reason enough for a treat, but she’s already had treats all day and so I’m thinking she doesn’t need one. So I’m getting out a bottle of wine and I get this look:

Emily says mama doesn't Need wine


OK, I get it.

I don’t ‘need’ a glass of wine any more than you ‘need’ a treat.¬†Look at that face!

She got her tuna.

Emily gets her tuna

and I got my wine.




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  1. Ell Lukasik
    August 21, 2012

    I know how this works!

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