What’s the girl equivalent of the term ‘baching it’?

I can’t find the term, but it’s what I’ve been doing and let me go on record saying, “I knew this would happen.”

My guy works really really hard and for the last three weeks, Tuesday through Friday, he’s been traveling just a few hours south of here to test stuff for work. He’s a really dedicated worker and he often has to travel to do his job. Sometimes I get to go with him – like when we went to Sweden – other times, I don’t.

So, while he’s been gone, I’ve been doing the girl’s version of baching it, which as it turns out isn’t all that different from how I usually live except I don’t feel the need to fix regular meals. I just eat when I get hungry. Sometimes that means a plate of potato chips and a glass or two of wine although I did have a salad last night. Plus a chocolate cupcake. And a glass of wine.

So, here’s how this week of baching it has gone so far:

Monday – I tried Zumba taught by a trained dancer and it was really, really fun. So much fun that I bought at 12-punch card. I figure if I’m gonna be stuck here without a house, I might as well enjoy myself and dancing is definitely fun.

Tuesday – I walked the waterfront with a meetup group (just three of us this time) and saw the most beautiful blue sky and the most beautiful blue ocean. Then, the sky turned pink and orange as the sun went down. It was lovely, and I didn’t have my camera. I might be getting used to this place. It’s growing on me.

Wednesday – after four workouts in two days, it’s time for a tiny break. So, today it’s just a few weights and restorative yoga, which is really a lot of lying around on blankets and pillows in weird positions that feel really great after the first minute or two of discomfort. I always walk out of restorative yoga feeling like my feet aren’t touching the ground and that would be really good today because even my feet are sore this morning.

Tonight, I’ll try to take my camera out. I’ve had loads and loads of work to do and I haven’t had time to wander and take pictures. It’s on my list tonight.

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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