We’re certified sailors (if a little on the amateur-ish side)

So, today was our last day of our ASA 101. It started out so cloudy and gloomy, and we were a little cloudy and gloomy. We took our tests after a little review with the instructor (took about an hour) and we passed with flying colors (yay!)

Then, we took our boat out for a little review work and the clouds still hadn’t lifted. There was almost no wind.

No wind in Santa Barbara

The wind is so light, the birds were floating along with us.

No wind while sailing in Santa Barbara

Glassy sea, no swell, a little light chop, and that’s it. So we did a little heave-to practice, tried a person overboard drill with me at the helm (not my favorite place) and headed back in.

Still enjoying the sailing part though!

Later, after some lunch, we headed back out on our solo sail. This is supposed to be your reward for all the hard work but boy did we ever make the reward into hard work. Not kidding.

I was so worried about crashing the back into another boat, that I grabbed the lifelines and not the pulpit and fell backward and nearly off the boat. I hung in there, however, pulled myself up and onto the boat and we didn’t crash.

We had reefed our mainsail because the wind had picked up pretty well, and well, we’re still new at this. But I couldn’t get the outhaul line pulled tight, so it was flapping like hell. We looked like total amateurs, which really is what we are.

Goofy amateurs sailing

So, since the sea was choppy and there were these little gusts, it was too dangerous for me to crawl out there and fix the outhaul, which I don’t know if I could have anyway, we decided to head back in.

Sailing in Santa Barbara

We pulled into the harbor channel nicely, furled the jib, lowered the mainsail and ran it promptly aground on a sandbar.

No kidding. We grounded the sailboat on our first solo sail.

That takes talent folks and it seems we’ve got plenty of that!

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