How can the summer of 2012 be over already?

It’s been a wild year for us folks. We started out all calm and gentle and together – everyone in their places. Everyone where we could have lunch together and now all that stability and calm is gone. Wild is the best way to put it.

Now we’re at the official end of summer.

Labor Day weekend is over and everyone who wasn’t already is back at school. Everyone else got a long lazy weekend – the last long weekend until Thanksgiving – and even without some big loud chiming sound, we still recognize this time as the official end of summer.

It’s not been a bad summer – although parts of it have been less-than-fun – it has been a busy summer and one that held a lot of things we never expected. Not for a minute.

We started out with a graduation – a very proud moment in anyone’s life (this event was totally expected). A huge accomplishment and a great inspiration for the smaller people who are following those who happen to be taller and a little older.

Liz graduates and Rachael gives hugs to her cousin

Then, all of a sudden our little family of four (plus 3 kitties) was tossed to three time-zones and three different states.

My guy gets a job offer in California and he takes a lot of time thinking about it before we decide it’s time to leave Colorado because health benefits are necessary for all of us and we have to make those hard decisions.

Deciding to leave Colorado

Next, my eldest went to Illinois after getting a real job. The kind of job you hope your kid gets after they graduate from college. One with good pay, real benefits, and opportunities for growth.

My youngest is staying in Colorado to finish her college degree and so we settle on this as the way we must do things.

All of a sudden, my guy was gone and I stayed behind to sell the house – it went quickly and then I was in this position:

Leaving Colorado for Santa Barbara

Shortly after, my eldest packs up and drives herself northeast – with all of us standing by on the phones and cheering her on. She does so well, I’m filled with joy. Not pride because there’s no pride in something you didn’t actually do – she did this on her own – but joy. Joy for her and in her.

My youngest enrolls in a full class load and also moves to a new home on her own. She’s navigating the very tough world of the 20-year old in college, and we encourage her every move. It’s a tough place she’s in. It takes guts andĀ resilienceĀ and she’s up to it. It’s hard being this far apart – a whole half a country! – but she’s strong and she’ll make it. It feels horrible being this far away, but she’s an amazing person and we’re here to back her.

Now, instead of climbing mountains all summer, I’m sailing instead and looking for a new house. One where my girls and my family can visit and feel at home.

Still, I often want to go back here:

All of us together in Washington

Or even back this far.

My girls in choir

Or even here

Got our driving learner's permits!

Or here:

San Francisco, Sept. 05

When I look around in the middle of the afternoon, I really don’t understand how all of this happened, but I see that it has and life must go on. It’s just a very, very crazy ride.


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