My first sweater is finished!

Yeehaa! and just in time for fall … if they have fall here. I guess we’ll see.

I kept trying it on until I got the sleeve length where I wanted it.

Sweater rolls a bit at the ends - perfectly normal and expected

Then, while watching last year’s episodes of Revenge, I went too far with the second sleeve

Went too far with this sleeve

So, I ripped it back, sorted out the stitches and got it right the second time. Here it is laid out on the floor:

My first sweater - in read of course

Here it is on me (with our messy life behind me on the floor!):
Hard to take photos of yourself wearing a sweater

I still have to wash and block it and weave in a few ends. I’ve got a bit of yarn left too.

Leftovers from the sweater

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