Messin’ with Max

Max has this thing about bugging Mama when she’s working. If I get on a call, he’s a complete nightmare – I guess he thinks I’m ignoring him. Other times, he just gets bored or wants attention. Whatever.

So, today it was ‘mess with Max’ day.

While he was planking I stuck a sticky note on his leg.

Messing with Max

That distracted him and kept him busy for awhile.

Messing with Max

When the sticky note was shredded into bits, I set up little paper tents, which he proceeded to knock down and crush. I kept setting them back up again until he was finally exhausted.

Paper tents worked!

Then, I went back to work. Geez, what a girl has to do to get some quiet work time around here!

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  1. Judith
    September 25, 2012

    THAT is one fluffy cat! … LOL … distracting? … me thinks he needs a job … LOL

  2. September 27, 2012

    He HAS multiple jobs!

    1. Re-arrange the kitty litter every few hours or so
    2. Distract mommy so she doesn’t get too comfortable every hour or so
    3. Cover up Emily’s kitty box deposits thoroughly (that really bugs him)
    4. Wake up daddy in the middle of the night to check and see if he’s sleeping soundly

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