The most innovative panhandling I’ve ever seen

On weekends, we sometimes wander down by Stearn’s Wharf, which is a total tourist trap but a great place to look out over the water and take pictures of Santa Barbara and the beach and boats. The wharf is old and splintery and not friendly to bare feet and those wearing high-heeled shoes.

Stearn's wharf is not friendly to high heeled shoes

Recently, we noticed a lot of tourists hanging over the railing and it appeared that they were tossing coins onto the beach.┬áIntrigued, we went to see what this was all about and we saw the most innovative method for panhandling I’ve ever seen.

Innovations in panhandling

Apparently, instead of standing about with a cup or their hat, some folks design a way to part people from their spare coins and they don’t even have to stand in the sun. It’s ingenious.

Innovations in panhandling - try your luck

I think this one is like a magic 8 ball – ask it a question and toss a coin for the answer.

Innovations in panhandling - ask a question

One could even go for a swim while collecting coins. The tourists love it.

Points for creativity

I give them points for creativity, that’s for certain!

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