No, we did not buy the camper! Plus, a knitterly update

So, by now I hope all of you know we didn’t buy the crazy ‘green acres’ camper, but wasn’t it a cool find? We saw it while touring a neighborhood in which there is a house that’s soon to come up for short-sale and we’re hoping to see the house soon. Not to worry, the crazy camper was way at the back of the neighborhood next to the vegetable stand and a farm. Not near the house we may get a look at soon.

So, the house hunt is still on … it’s getting wearying but there’s just nothing in our price range right now and so we wait and hope and keep positive. It’ll happen.

In the meantime, I’m working A LOT. Got a new client and a really great project so it’s taking up all my ‘extra’ time but I did finally carve out a little time to knit this week.

I knit a gauge swatch for the new sweater

My Eisen Sweater gauge

The gauge is perfect. I go up 1 needle size from what’s recommended on the pattern and I usually get the right gauge. I have a big bag of yarn to start knitting with … after I get a few other things done first.

Bag of yarn for Eisen

My current favorite project is the Butternut scarf from Ann over at Knitspot. I love her patterns – she’s an absolute master at putting together a well-drafted pattern that’s complete and free of errors. Her accuracy appeals to my detail-oriented nature.

Blue Butternut Scarf

I’m knitting this with String Theory Bamboo Merino yarn in Labradorite – there’s a slight sheen to the yarn that’s hard to capture in the light I have right now, and it looks stiff, but softens nicely after a quick bath. I’m knitting this a little wider because I wanted a narrow shawl affect to ward off the cold beach winds at night.

Blue Butternut Scarf

Elaine, of the Loop and Leaf, fixed my error last week and got my Springtime Bandit back on track. *sigh* I’m not terribly perfect with my lace knitting and I must work on that. Still, I’ve got bunches and bunches of edging rows to do before it’s finished and ready to block.

Springtime Bandit with Pashmina

Hopefully, we’ll have a house soon and we can get our stuff here and I can dig out my blocking wires … good grief! At this rate, I’m going to have so much blocking to do it will be days of wet lace everywhere.

I dug these socks out of the pile and finished up the toes and started a basic ribbed pattern. It’s an old standby, but I never don’t have socks on the needles and this yarn is soft and luscious. One sock in a bag can even go sailing, I think. Is it worth the risk? Not sure, but if I try it I’ll let you know. Perhaps a project on circulars would be less cumbersome. I’ll think on that.

In the meantime some more yarn and project bags showed up in the mail – must have been that rough night last week and I needed to take the edge off.

Yarny stuff

That tube is holding my new Signature needles given to me by my knitterly friends back in Colorado. I may wind that pink and start some socks to try the needles out.

Emily is enjoying the chair in the sunny spot.

Emily in the sunny spot



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