A bit of quiet (well, not here, just in general you know)

Sorry it’s been so quiet here on the blog – it certainly has been anything BUT quiet at the apartment.

Last week, I picked up one of those nasty congestion things and it all went to hell rapidly after. I finally broke down and went to an urgent care center where they said it had moved into my lungs and I was to be on the longer-termĀ antibiotics.


So, Mr. Man has had to endure many nights of me coughing and also squelching said coughing, which I’m pretty certain isn’t as effective as simply not coughing but it’s an attempt to let him know I’m not trying to keep him awake on purpose.

This is what my weekend looked like:


Nasty congestion thing


When I wanted it to look like this!


I did, however, get a lot of knitting done and we worked through the weekend, so next weekend we’re not staying in!

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