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This week, I’ve been writing like crazy to keep caught up with work and coughing all the junk out of my lungs from being sick last week (much better now, thank you) and I notice that there’s been a huge shift. A kind of settling feeling.

I never in a million years expected I’d live in California near the ocean, but here I am.

I never in a million years expected to live this far from any of my family members, but here I am.

Although I always hoped for it, I never in a million years thought I’d get to be a sailor, but here I am.


What’s most odd to me is the turns that life takes – unexpected turns that weren’t even hoped for (except the sailing thing) and how much effort it takes to adjust to them.

Fall came to Santa Barbara this week. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely fall. Some trees lost their leaves which are now on the ground to crunch and swish in. Other trees have kept their leaves and, even more odd, there are a number of bushes and trees that have kept right on blooming – big luscious flowers. The air is cooler and there’s more wind. It’s been chilly this week. I wore the sweater I knitted to stay warm.

I hear people here say that October is often hot. I remember parts of October being pretty hot in Colorado too, so it’s not too much different except for the snow thing, which I’ll miss.

We put an offer in on a house this week – great house, short-sale, nice landscaping – but the sellers wanted time to think about the offer. What’s to think about? It’s a full price offer on your house, dangit. So, we wait.

It’s quiet and settled now. How terribly odd.

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