Aahh! now that’s a little better

So, over the weekend, I finally stopped coughing so much and I got a small burst of energy and we got to go sailing.

Sails in the sunshine

On the way out of the harbor, we got to see the little duckling classes. That’s what we call them anyway. It’s the kid sailing classes and they’re amazing to watch. They start out all circling together around the instructor.

Little duckling sailing classes

The instructor is sometimes on one of those tiny sailboats, sometimes on a jetski, sometimes on a lifeboat with power, but the effect is the same. The little ducklings get their instructions and whoosh off they go.

Little duckling sailing classes

Here they’re working their way round a course of temporary buoys to practice controlling the boat.

Reminds me of what we did with our girls – put them on skis and stick funny hats on their heads and send them down the snowy slopes.

Skiing on a Skip day March '01

This is a ‘skip day’ in March, 2001 … what’s a ‘skip day’ you ask? Well, as a working mother, weekends were often packed with errands, housework, homework, dance classes, etc. and it was always hard to just take a damn day off. So, occasionally the girls and I would take a skip day. I’d call in at work – sick or personal day, whatever the rules demanded – and call them in sick at school and we’d skip.

Yeah, yeah, say I’m a bad parent all you like, but their grades had to be good when we skipped and believe me there were a few times when we couldn’t skip because of a grade here and there, but not often. We’d play and play and play. It was perfect. I highly recommend skip days for all working parents. You need them for yourself once in awhile, but they’re also fun with the kids. Everyone needs an unexpected day off sometimes.

Especially one that involves hot chocolate and sunshine outside in the cold mountain air and map-reading!

Skiing on a Skip day March '01

Although last weekend wasn’t a skip day, it was a lovely break in the sunshine.

Sailing on a Saturday afternoon

And after being so sick, I’d say it was just what the doctor ordered!


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